This classic French baguette, made the old fashion way to get the maximum taste and freshness.

Our classic Tuscan Ciabatta is made in the traditional way with olive oil.

A German dark rye bread, made with natural sour doug. One of our customers favourites.

Made the Italian way using only the best ingredients and topped off with fresh rosemary italian herbs and rock salt.

This big family loaf is made with 60% white flour and 40% rye flour and natural sour dough. It has a soft inside and crusty outside.

This healthy bread is made from natural sour dough, rye, red kibble, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds is high in energy.

A German dense hearty bread, made out of a three step sour dough topped with roasted sunflower seeds. Keeps fresh for a long time.

Brezel. Hand rolled german classic is baked freshly everyday.

Elsösser. Classic french double bread roll, full of flavour made from simple good ingredients.

Whole meal roll, topped with roasted sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflowers seeds.

Freshly made sandwiches made using our speciality made bread. All filling are specialy selected and from local suppliers.


Our selection of freshly baked danish pastries range from Schneckennudel, Pain au chocolat raspberry and apricot and Marzipan danish.

A sweet dough cake, made from milk, butter and eggs with a roast almond filling. Our customers just love it.

We produce a selection of European style cakes, made with the best and freshest ingredients.